NDC2012Para asistir en diferido a las 20 sesiones sobre agilidad del NDC 2012: "Advanced Agile Planning, Programmer Anarchy, Scaling Agile Teams, What is a Self-Organizing Team? etc.



Developpers: The Prima Donnas of the 21st Century
Hadi Hariri
Agile, Lean and the Space Between
Barry Hawkins




When the Wheels Come off Agile
Barry Hawkins
Embracing Uncertainty
Dan North
Moving from Scrum to Kanban
Rachel Davies
The surprising science behind agile leadership
Jonathan Rasmusson
Getting Agile with Scrum
Mike Cohn
Leading a Self-Organizing Team
Mike Cohn
Agile Estimating
Mike Cohn
Advanced Agile Planning
Mike Cohn
Scaling Agile with a Distributed Team
Mike Cohn
User Stories
Mike Cohn
How to get productive on yur first day
Greg Young
The State of Agile and The Road Ahedad
Branch per Feature
Adam Dymitruk
Busting the BDD myths
Gojko Adzic
The Team Leader Manifesto
Roy Osherove
What is a Self-organizing Team? (and what does it mean to me?)
Esther Derby
Programmer Anarchy
Fred George
10 Things you can do to better lead your agile team
Jonathan Rasmusson


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