path to agility 2012Para asistir en diferido a las sesiones sobre agilidad de la conferencia  "The Path to Agility 2012" que se celebró en mayo de este año organizada por The Central Ohio Agile Association: "Craftsmanship", "Clean Architecture and Design", "Reality in Software Development", "Scrum and Continuous Improvement", "Driving Real Business Value Thrugh Agile", etc.


Chet Hendrickson & Ron Jeffries
Clean Architecture and Design
Robert C Martin (Uncle Bob)




Reality in Software Development
Leon Gersing
Scrum and Continuous Improvement
Ken Schwaber
Driving Real Business Value Thrugh Agile
Scot Burdette
Your Agile Leadership Gift
Christopher Avery
Why Our Code Smells
Brandon Keepers
How Change the World
Jurgen Appelo
Agile 2.0
Israel Gat
Life Lessons Applied to Software
Cory Flanigan
People Patterns
Joe O'Brien
Compile and Execute Requirements in .NET
David Starr
Lean Thinking
Daniel Vacanti
Sand Piles and Software
Zack Dennis
 Agile & UX: Emerging Practices & Other CRAP
Jon Stahl & Michael "Doc" Martin
 The Columbus Agile Productivity Benchmark Project; Initial Insights from Project Data
Michael Mah


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